Should’ve Been On Podcast | Episode 201

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We’re back. We’ve missed you all. Since we’ve last spent time together a lot has happened; school shootings, Ireland’s abortion referendum, the NFL’s ban on kneeling. That’s just last week!

A lot of great things have happened, too — such as our return. You’re probably wondering where we’ve been or what we’ve been doing this entire time. Pussy-footing around most likely… Truth is, we’ve been cleaning things up and our timing couldn’t have been better it seems. In light of recent issues, we felt obligated — compelled to speak on these issues, supplying a positive outlook, and perhaps encouraging you to take part in changing the world. We’ll do our best to deliver entertaining content on lifestyle, business, and culture.

Oh, we promise to keep Yeshua tamed, too.

Thanks for having us back.
-AJ “Sygns”


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