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Ayye. Happy Holidays. Want to make $100,000 overnight? Have an online business and looking to grow? “How do I find capital?” Is a question a lot of new business owners or even regular people have. “How do I make money?” Let’s face it, we all want to be rich or at least well off. Here’s the trick though: In today’s episode we’re joined by Steven Nicks of Red Ocean Venture & Investments and he breaks down everything from how to make your first $100,000 in revenue to gaining capital from Venture Capitalists. It’s another free episode of game for everyone looking to advance their 2018. Live long and prosper.
Steven of Red Ocean Ventures & Investments@

Should’ve Been On Content

1. Introduction

2. Mental Health/Venting segment “How are you today?”

3. [ Song 1 ]

4. Main topic

5. [ Song 2 ]

6. Main Topic / Special Guest Talk

7. Outro/Summary


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