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I read an article, about two weeks back, concerning Tidal and it’s alleged numbers scandal. Jay-Z and the streaming service were accused of inflating numbers of their premier acts(Kanye, Beyonce to name a few) to line their pockets.

In wake of this, we at Should’ve Been On had an interesting conversation about whether or not Hip-Hop as an artform was co-opted by capitalism(bling, chains, and automobiles) and it’s ability to create a mental focus on grinding for money. Legendary emcee Kapital A joins us in this OP-ED discussion about capitalism and the hip-hop engine as we dissect the nature of the bea(s)t and it’s ability to sell hope and destruction.

What do you think?

Oh and we have a gift for anyone who answers Yeshua’s question during the episode. Comment below or at @shouldbeonline
-AJ “Sygns”


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